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Grabo Lifter Usage Feedback Plan

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Author : Grabo China
Update time : 2021-02-02 12:39:02
Dear friend,
Thanks for your support and help all the time with Raizi Tool Co., Ltd.
At the moment, We have a reward plan about usage of Raizi Grabo vacuum lifter. Hopefully you can help us. So we can show more information to customers and DIY users who like Raizi Grabo suction tool.
Detail is as below:
  1. Please describe in text with no less than 100 words. You can mainly describe how you use it and how you like Raizi Grabo portable electric vacuum suction cup lifter. You can describe in any language such as English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Portugal and so on.
  2. Please take at lease 5 photos when you work with Raizi Grabo Lifter in the duration of your work such as stone fabrication, tiling installation, woodworking, paving work, moving large home appliances, warehouse handling and so on
  3. Please take a video with no less that 50 seconds when you work on site with a Raizi Grabo vacuum lifter.
  4. We may show your name and company name with your permission when we publish it on our newly designed website Many people will see and share. Knowledge Share is an amazing and interesting thing.
After we receive your full documents about Raizi Grabo Lifter usage , we will pay USD50 for your works or we can cut USD50 from your next coming order. Though it is only a small money. But when we spread your valuable information about how to use Raizi Grabo Lifter on the internet. It can help many people like porcelain tile installers, stone fabrications workers namely granite fabricators, wood working carpenters, movers, construction workers and so on to increase their working efficiency and save labor cost. It can also reduce the risk of injury.
Your kind share and feedback will be greatly appreciated and grateful.
Thanks and best regards,
Kevin/ CEO of Raizi Tool