About Grabo China
About Grabo China
Grabo China is based on Raizi Tool Co., Ltd. Raizi is the authorized Seller by Nemo Power Tools in China and exclusive distributor in Thailand. Nemo Grabo Lifter is an amazing portalbe electric vacuum scution lifter fully created by Nemo Power Tool. Grabo has become a hotseller, and a must have for professional craftsman in glass installation, masonry, paving, tiling, countertops installation, dry walls, flooring and so on.
What is Grabo, What Can Grabo Do?
Grabo is the fully created portable electric vacuum suction lifter suction tool by Nemo Power Tool. Grabo can safely hold, lift and carry smooth, rough, porous surfaces like Glass, Stone, Tiles, Granite, Concrete Pavers and so on.
Advanced Technology
Production Equipment
Advanced Technology Grabo is obsessed with quality and always aim for the highest level of innovative engineering, performance and the highest standards of manufacturing and post-production quality controls.
Find out more about our warranty plan and post sale service.
Every Grabo
Quality Testing
Every Grabo Grabo built premium quality testing devices for the toughest market specialized in Glass, Tiles, Stone Fabrication, Floor Installation, Construction industry– Our Grabo Lifters are built to last and get the job done every time!
We stand behind our products with an excellent warranty program and uncompromising focus on quality manufacturing, testing and QC controls.
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Grabo Lifter Usage Feedback Plan
We have a reward plan about usage of Raizi Grabo vacuum lifter. Hopefully you can help us. So we can show more information to customers and DIY users who like Raizi Grabo suction tool.