Marble Floor Pads
Marble Floor Pads
Marble floor restoration procedure typically takes 4 steps:
1st step is grinding. It’s most powerful and dynamic step, also known as lippage removal or flattening. Even new installed marble floor can have some tiles be upper or lower of floor flatness. This step removes all ledges, roughness and brings flatness to marble floors. Also, this step can remove the most deepest scratches and stains.
2nd step is honing. Honing is the step of floor restoration provides smoothing the marble floor with industrial diamonds, which brings up more shine to the marble. Honing will also remove scratches, stains and give a more uniform appearance. In a some cases honing is all that’s needed to get you stone looking spectacular again.
3rd step is polishing. Polishing gives semi-shining or shining effect to the marble floor. Polishing is done by industrial diamonds, but smaller graded, than while honing. For marble floors in good condition a polishing can be enough to bring back the shine.
4th step is buffing or crystallization. Crystallization is a method of marble floor finishing. Its brings “mirror like” shine by chemical reaction on the surface of marble. Crystallization also creates micro film on the surface of marble, which is more solid and durable and helps to preserve the color and the brightness of the marble. Crystallization is a very good method for regular stone maintenance.
Our marble floor restoration polishing treatment uses diamond pads to grind down the surface of your marble, bringing out a fresh layer of stone. Then we use successively finer grade pads to bring the surface of your marble to a “mirror like” shine.
  • Remove All Furnishings
  • Complete Access of Area
  • Completely Empty the Room
  • Protect All Walls & Built-In Furniture
  • Cover & Tape Areas Preventing Over-Spray
  • Repair Holes in Floor
  • Hand Detailing
  • Complete Cleanup
  • We’ll make you smile.
  • Remove Any Scratch
  • Solve Any Problem

OriMar Marble Floor Polishing pads  WET USE
OriMar Marble Floor Polishing pad is a high quality hard resin bond diamond polishing pad which utilizes SuperMarmo Tech for producing a beautiful shine on marble travertine stone floors.
It can offer a superior floor shine due to their high diamond concentration and specially made compound. New SuperMarmo Technology Means You Get a Better Polish with water.  

  • Great for polishing countertops
  • Work really well for marble floor restorations
  • New non-marking resin won't bleed into the stone
  • Recommended 4000 RPM on hand polisher, 500RPM on floor polisher/grinder
  • Grit: #50, #100, #200, #400, #800, #1500, #3500, #8000
  • Can be used with the Termite or Scarab floor machines and handheld polishers