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Deep scratches removal solutions approved by Customers

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Update time : 2015-03-04 20:57:18

  When contractors prepare the concrete floor with PCD scrapers and metal bond grinding discs, pads, pucks and wheels, deep scratches may come out. To solve this problem, some people use water, some people repeat polishing with #50 resin polishing pads. This is an annoying problem during the project. It is crucial to choose the right tools for working guys in transit from metal grinding to polishing on the hard concrete floor.
  Effiman by Raizi devoted himself  to this study and made continous testing on site. We found this solutions and got all positive feedback from Concrete/Terrazo Floor contractors from Australia, South Africa, US, New Zealand.
This Deep scratches removal solutions can save time and money obviously. Info as below is feedback from our customer from Austrilia for your reference.

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May .03.2017
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